Finish for Wood Goblets

I get a lot of email from people asking me what finish I use on wood goblets and more importantly. Is it food safe?

The majority of the goblets I turn are for decoration only and are finished with nitrocellulose lacquer.

What finish is food safe?

Over the years I've heard and read many times that ALL finishes are food safe after 30 days. The 30 days gives all the harmful things in the finish adequate time to evaporate off. The problem is most all finishes will pass liquid. The only finish that I am aware of that won't pass liquid is 2 part epoxy.

A while back I contacted one of the major epoxy manufacturers and they said due to the lack of testing they couldn't say. They did say however that mixed and cured properly epoxy was chemically inert. In chemistry the term inert is used to describe something that is not chemically active. To me this means that not only is epoxy a good barrier it's food safe as well. I did a bunch more reading about epoxy and found out that the canned goods we buy at the grocery store have a coat of epoxy sprayed on the inside.

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